Angelo Alimonti
Partner, Managing Director Europe and Middle East

Angelo graduated from Economic University Bergamo Italy with a degree in Business Administration.  Entrepreneur since 1990, he is involved in several industries, with primary focus in wood trading and logistics.  In addition, he served as a business consultant to one of the largest Italian private equity firms, Clessidra. Angelo speaks Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently.

Gennady Gazin
Partner, United States

Gennady graduated from Cornell and Stanford Universities with degrees in Electrical Engineering.  He also holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.  Following a 14-year career at McKinsey & Company, Gennady left as a senior partner to run one of the largest diversified business groups in Ukraine.  He now serves on multiple public and non-public Boards, as well as on investment and advisory committees of several private equity funds.